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Get free unlimited amount celerium, gold and oil with the only working Call of Duty Heroes Hack and Cheats tool for iOs and Android. Good news to everyone who loves to play the latest addition to the Call of Duty game series --- Call of Duty Heroes.  This is your chance to dominate the game effortlessly. How? You might ask. Well, we at gathered a team of  hardcore coders who also happen to be Call of Duty enthusiast for a long time.


Now, what exactly does this tool do? And how can it help a player to be successful in the game. It is pretty simple I should say. It lets you add infinite amounts of resources to your account. That being said, you can have free celerium, gold, oil etc. effortlessly. Moreover the tool also has a feature that allows user to unlock the heroes even when his level doest warrant it. How cool is that? Well, all those features will just be nothing short of worthless if the hack itself is not safe, right? That is why, an antiban option is included to guarantee all users that their accounts are safeguarded no matter what.



When it comes to compatibility, the tool has undergone extensive testing to the latest version of the game. It is both working flawlessly on iOs 5.0 to 7.0. For Android users, it is advised to have it only with device versions JellyBean 4.2 to Kitkat 4.4. Now it is also wise not to abuse the tool itself to avoid it getting patched or fixed vy the developer. So, per day you are onky allowed to generate five thousand maximum celerium. Gold and oil can go up as high as 10 million daily.


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